22nd Sep 2017

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14th Nov 2016

New launch from MoodCompany

MoodCompany is taking steps into the world of e-commerce and launching a totally new profile with the help of their online store.
”We see a great deal of potential in the MoodCompany brand and we have worked very hard over the last year to get everything into place. Now everything is ready and the coming six months will see several new launches,” says Jesper Owe, CEO and co-founder.

MoodCompany sells atmosphere-enhancing party products primarily to B2B clients, with its largest customers being in the nightclub, restaurant, festival and event organiser branches. The company offers various customised products as well as many popular consumable products such as bottle sparklers, confetti tubes and different types of LED products.

Tailor made e-commerce

After a year of much manual work; Moodcompany’s systems have been completely redesigned and adapted specially for their customers. A fully automated flow has been implemented and stock is now handled by a third-party logistics company.

”We can now offer our regular customers an individual login and custom price lists, which also makes it easier for us to work with certain retailers in the long term. Additionally, it’s now simple for us to monitor and reward the customers who order frequently and our system is designed so that we can increase the scale very quickly,” says Jesper Owe.

Launches in various countries

The company has also chosen to open up its doors to several new countries, including the UK and Germany. However, MoodCompany also emphasises that the domestic market is still very important.

”Of course it’s easier to test new products in a local market where we’re closer to the customer. When we see that a product works well, we can launch it in all the other countries simultaneously, with the push of a single button.”

Jesper Owe goes on to explain the importance of opening the web store in several countries:

“We already have clients in these countries and it would be silly to prevent them from using our new simple ordering process. We also know that our customers tend to recommend us to other clients, so we want to be immediately available for when that happens.”

Like many other e-retailers, the company is now preparing for the intensive Christmas and New Year period. Several new launches await in the New Year, including the launch of private label products and exciting new partnerships with both individuals and companies.

For further information, please contact:

Jesper Owe, CEO
Phone: + 46 (0) 73 692 9330

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