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A selection of cases

Out Of Office

The Afterwork activities of the successful Out of Office concept have now spread to 8 different cities in Europe, selling out stadiums in Stockholm and being popular enough to fill Kungsträdgården with a crowd of 15,000 people. This is a customer who orders a large amount of specially made products, customised to suit their concept and guests perfectly.

Products: Black office glasses with print, ice fountains, balloons and LED foamsticks with personalised print etc.


V, is the VIP club within Sturecompagniet in Stockholm and probably the most hyped club Sweden has. We are therefor very proud to be a safe and stable supplier to them and their sister club, Wall. We supply them with things like customized drink vessels to confetti and disco balls. A mission we care a lot about!

Products: a range betwwen customized drink vessels to confetti and consumables



Northern Europe’s best beach club is with no doubt, Kallbadhuset, or Kallis which most of the people call it. During several years we have provided Kallis with different party products and looking forward to do so in a long time. Kallis has an ability to make an almost euphoric experience for all guests.

Products: ice fountains, birdcages, suitcases, confetti cannons etc.


MODE cold brew

MODE cold brew, the cold hyped coffee from Sweden is a customer we are very proud of, especially since it was financially backed by MoodCompanys biggest idol, Avicii. We made the customized LED menus for bars and restaurants in order to visualize their offers towards customers in a better way.

Products: Customized LED menus

Café Opera

One of the most famous night clubs in Northern Europe is Café Opera. This is where the high society elite mingle with celebrities, rockers, business people and entrepreneurs and perhaps it is the mix of people that has given Café Opera a steady place at the top since its inception. Over time, it has established itself as an institution in Stockholm and in the night life of Sweden. At Mood Company, we are delighted to be their partner.

Products: weekly orders of confetti cannons, laser gloves, ice fountains, LED batons etc.


When the Eurovision and their Euroclub contacted us, we were of course very excited, partly because it they are a lovely brand to work with, but also because it was a real mark of quality for Mood Company. We suggested they focus on a number of our most popular party products for their guests. In the end it turned out to be LED foamsticks, LED ice cubes for their transparent ice buckets and LED batons, to enable cool bottle shows for their VIP guests.

Products: LED foamsticks, LED ice cubes, LED batons and more.


We had the honor to supply Spotify’s two latest big events with party products. The first event was at Fryshuset in Stockholm where we divided all 1200 dinner guests into groups by colors from Led ice cubes on each seat.
The other event was at their new head office, Urban Escape, at six different floors. We programmed our Led bracelets Supreme into 6 zones and lightened them into 6 colors. We then let them flash every 30 minutes as a reminder for the guests that it was time to change floor and mix up their company.

Products: Led ice cubes and remote controlled Led bracelets programmed into 6 zones and 15 colors

Waterfront Kongress

One of the most spectacular congress centers in Europe is the Waterfront Convention Center in Stockholm, with its large panoramic windows facing the Town Hall. The Center can be turned into a giant nightclub, which is exactly what happened when Out of Office used it for one of their events. Along with Out of Office and L'Oreal, Mood Company provided all guests with remote-controlled LED bracelets. The countdown and the crescendo were amazing!

Products: Remote controlled LED bracelets

Cirque le soir

Cirque le soir is a mythical concept, which first came to the no. 1capital of Europe, London. Later the concept has been brought further out into the world to metropolitan cities such as Dubai and Shanghai. Cirque le soir contacted us because they wanted to create new LED menus along with Grey Goose with their PMS colour and embossed print. We developed a unique A4 format which will further increase their sales.

Products: custom blue LED menus

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