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MoodCompany started when the founders Jesper Owe, Micke Eriksson and Marcus Läth wanted to enhance the atmosphere for their guests at the night clubs where they were partners, at that time, with Stureplansgruppen. Very soon, other places began to get in touch, including night clubs and restaurants. Festival and concert organizers heard about us, as well as event companies that wanted do something out of the ordinary. And that´s what has brought us this far... Today the company is run by Memento Event AB (Org.nr 556660-7817) and has its registered office and head office in Stockholm, Sweden. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by email at hello@MoodCompany or give us a call at + 46 8 660 04 96.



The company behind Mood Company has worked with events, night clubs and experiences for almost 14 years. We thus know what will make that little extra something at small or large parties. From 2016 all sales go through our online store MoodCompany.

Business idea

The MoodCompany business idea is to sell atmosphere-enhancing party products. And not just that, but to do so with fast delivery and competitive pricing.
We make every occasion an experience.

For more information about MoodCompany please contact:

Jesper Owe


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